Release Notes

September 29, 2020

What's New

  • Test the health of your Quip connection to Salesforce: Use the Quip Health Check to run a series of automated tests on your Quip site and Salesforce org connection. When the Quip Health Check identifies problems, it provides on-the-spot results and solutions to get your connection up and running. For Web

  • Use SSO to automatically connect Quip to Salesforce: When connecting Quip and Salesforce, users that use the same SSO for Quip and Salesforce don’t have to log in again to Salesforce from Quip. For Web and Desktop

  • Include comments when copying a document or spreadsheet: When you make a copy of a document, you will now see the option to include comments. When select, active comments from you original document will be copied over to your new document. This works for all comments expect those in a Live App. For Web and Desktop

  • Mirror your Salesforce permissions inside Quip: Ensure your Salesforce permissions are being respected inside Quip by enabling the Mirror Salesforce Permissions functionality in the Salesforce tab of your admin console. In order to view the Salesforce integrations in your company’s documents, users will need to be authenticated to your Salesforce org and have permissions to view the content. For Web

  • Disable Salesforce Reports in Quip: If your Salesforce Report data should never leave Salesforce, you can disable the Live Report feature entirely from the Salesforce tab of your admin console to prevent your company members from adding Live Reports to your documents. This will also disable any existing Live Reports. . For Web

Versions: Web, Windows 7.22.0, Mac 7.22.0, Android 7.220, iOS 7.22.0

September 22, 2020

What's New

  • Hide the document outline: You can now toggle the document outline on and off through a setting in the View menu. Whichever setting you choose will apply only to you and will be remembered for the document.

  • Set a custom date and time format: Spreadsheet cells can now have custom date/time formatting. You’ll find the option in the Spreadsheets toolbar under the More Formats button (that’s the one that says “123”). A list of common formats (including the ISO 8601 standard!) are available to quickly apply—or you can pick and choose the format that works best for you and your team.

Versions: Web

September 15, 2020

What's New

  • More special paste options in spreadsheets: Now when you paste cells in spreadsheets, you can choose to paste over only the format, formulas, or data validation rules. Use the special paste menu that appears after pasting to access these options.

Versions: Web, Mac 7.19.0, Windows 7.19.2

September 8, 2020

What's New

  • Transfer private folder contents in admin console: Now, when a user leaves your company, you can transfer the contents of their private folder to a user of your choice, using the new “Transfer Content” option for deactivated members in your admin console. For Web

  • Grant Admin API access in admin console: There’s a new admin permission in town! Use admin roles to assign the “Manage Admin API” permission, which gives admins access to new section in the Site Settings page where you can manage Admin API access directly — no more writing in to support.

Versions: Web

September 1, 2020

What's New

  • New, more streamlined navigation: Quip’s got a new button in its sidebar: Home. Home is one convenient place for your updates, folders, favorited docs, recently opened docs, and all the docs that have been shared with you. No matter how you prefer to browse Quip, Home has got you covered. We’ve also redesigned the iOS app to match this new navigation and bring all of desktop Quip’s doc-finding features to mobile. Check it out :) For Web, Desktop, and iOS

  • Preferred Salesforce Orgs: Users can mark a Salesforce org as their preferred org for Salesforce data in Quip. Live apps, log activity, and reports pull data from the preferred Salesforce org unless manually changed.

Versions: Web, Windows 7.18.0, Mac 7.18.0, Android 7.18.10, iOS 7.18.0

August 18, 2020

What's New

  • Mute your favorites: You know that little blue dot that shows up next to an item in your Favorites list when it’s been updated? If you prefer, you can hide that little dot. Just right-click on the item and choose “Mute Updates.” (Alternatively, open it up, go to Documents > Advanced > Notification Settings... and choose “Mute in Updates and Favorites. And on mobile? Open the document, tap on the gear at the top of the screen, and choose “Mute in Inbox and Favorites.”) For Web, Desktop, and Mobile

  • Mac App Performance: We improved the performance of the Mac app. How? Memory usage and disk activity has been reduced. Also: better scrolling performance :)

Versions: Web, Mac 7.17.1, Windows 7.17.0

August 5, 2020

What's New

  • Locked Sections: In addition to locking edits to the entire document, you’re now able to lock edits to individual parts of a document. Handy for keeping information intact, minimizing accidental edits, and streamlining business processes. To lock a section, click on it and then choose “Lock Edits” from the floating context menu over to the right. (Alternatively, you can also go to the Format menu and click “Lock Edits” there.) And just FYI: only non-list, text styles can be locked at this time. For Web, Desktop, and Mobile

  • Equations: Insert equations by typing @math right into your Quip documents. Equations can toggled to be viewed either inline or full-width (AKA “Display Mode”). Equations are rendered using the LaTeX library which supports many LaTeX functions. For Web, Desktop, and Mobile

  • Temporary Filter Views for View or Comment-Only Users: Users without edit access to spreadsheet data are able to now create their own temporary filter views to quickly sort, filter, and view the data as they wish without impacting the view for other users. Multiple temporary filter views can be created and are available to only the creating user for the duration of their session. For Web, Desktop, and Mobile

  • Extended text styles: You can now style items as code, strikethrough and superscript using the text editing controls. For iOS

  • Better right-click menus: We noticed some inconsistencies between the dropdown menus and right-click menus for various types of text sections. Those inconsistencies have been addressed, and your menu options are more thorough at every turn. For Web and Desktop

  • Group folder search in admin console: Search for group folders in the admin console—simple but effective! For Web

  • User access levels added to Get_threads API endpoint: The admin get_threads endpoint will return all users’ access levels on the called thread. For Web

  • Improved trackpad support: More parts of the Quip app correctly handle the trackpad included with the iPad Magic Keyboard. For iOS

Versions: Web, Mac 7.16.0, Windows 7.16.0, iOS 7.16.1, Android 7.16.1

July 28, 2020

What's New

  • Paste Quietly: Previously, if you pasted content containing @mentions of people, those people would automatically get notified about the mention. We know there are times where you don’t want to bug those people again, which is why we’re introducing Paste Quietly. Now when you paste copied content, you can decide whether you want to re-notify the @mentioned users or not. For Web and Desktop

Versions: Web

July 21, 2020

What's New

  • Hide the function helper in spreadsheets: Sometimes you don’t need the helper callout that appears when typing out a function’s arguments—we get that. We’ve added an option to hide the helper by clicking the ‘X’ on the top-right. We’ll remember your preference and keep it hidden. You can unhide the helper later at anytime by clicking the ‘?’ icon that appears beside a cell when typing out a function’s arguments again. For Web and Desktop

  • Insert images and files into cells with the @ key: Previously, the only way to insert media into a cell by focusing on the cell and using the Insert menu. Now, you can type @image or @file to insert images and files into cells just like you do in documents today. For Web and Desktop

  • External badges for folders, everywhere: If a folder is shared externally, you’ll now see a badge anywhere you might encounter that folder—in Search results, while organizing documents, or while adjusting sharing settings. No more double-checking whether you’re sharing something with your clients or just your team! For Web and Desktop

  • Guided Setup Package for Quip C360 Use Cases: Quip Setup Starter is a separate managed package that helps set up Quip for Customer 360. Once the starter is installed, you can embed Account Plans, Opportunity Notes, or even your own custom templates into Salesforce objects. Quip Setup Starter helps admins save time by setting up with the required backend connections, while allowing you to customize your setup to your organization’s needs. For more information, see the Quip Setup Starter Support Article. For Web and Desktop

Versions: Web, Mac 7.15.5, Windows 7.15.5

July 14, 2020

What's New

  • Control which Salesforce orgs are connected to Quip: See a list of the Salesforce orgs that are connected to your Quip site from the Quip Admin Console. Create an allowlist to control which Salesforce orgs your users can connect to Quip and pull data from. With multi-org allowlisting, you can make sure that company-critical data stays secure and users are accessing only the Salesforce data that you approve. For Web.

  • Screenreader compatibility for document outline: If you navigate Quip using a screenreader, the document outline now works as an interactive table of contents. Select an item in the outline, and focus will jump to the corresponding header in the document. For Web.

Versions: Web